About Cross Code

Love Jesus, Love Code

Cross Code was developed to help get up and running a number of Christian Code Camps running at Camp Elim on the Barrington Coast NSW. I wanted to share some of my coding ideas and get a team of Christian leaders together who can run a code/outreach camp here a few times a year for a mixture of adults and children. The focus at this stage is Laser tag.

We are seeking to create camps that also teach people about Jesus, and for this reason, there will be links to the Bible throughout each post to ensure we are learning about Jesus and learning about code at the same time. This website has an additional aim to help Christian school teachers incorporate cool coding projects into their classroom, and at the same time, give ideas for how they can link concepts back to the Bible.

I myself have training in Education and Design & Technology, with a major in Engineering and a minor in Computers. In addition, I have a Bachelor of Theology and has been associate pastor in a church for a number of years. I have experience teaching a range of technology subjects, with most of my experience in Digital Technologies. I am currently managing Camp Elim full time and teaches casually.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.

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