Laser Tag H04 – Main Circuit

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  • NodeMCU board
  • JQ6500 Sound Module
  • 128X64 0.96 inch Yellow/Blue Display
  • Buttons
  • TSAL6100 Vishay, 940Nm IR LED, 5mm or SFH 4545 OSRAM (has a more focused beam)
  • TSOP 34840 IR Receiver
  • Speaker
  • 5v sk6812 Flexible LED light strip – only need 3 lights at 60 LED / meter
I have done lots of testing to ensure the ports are compatible with the hardware it connects to. I have found that the circuit layout above works well. The IR Transmitter circuit is likely to be upgraded in future posts, but with this circuit will still send a signal about 10 metres without a lens.

Christian Content

The LORD founded the earth by wisdom and established the heavens by understanding. 20 By His knowledge the watery depths broke open, and the clouds dripped with dew.

Proverbs 3:19–20 (HCSB)

As you look at the circuit diagram, it probably looks very complicated. It has taken wisdom and knowledge to put this circuit together. Knowledge of all the parts, and then trial and error, which produces wisdom in terms of the best way to put these parts together.

If you think about it, there are probably things you have created or made based on your own wisdom. And this is what it is to be human. Humans are creative, we like creating things, and this is because God is a creating God. And he made us to be little creators in his big world.

God made the whole world in his wisdom and knowledge. And what an amazing world it is. It is difficult to say that there was no wisdom in the creation of the world, and that it just happened. As we look around our world, there is evidence of intelligent design. And in a lot of ways we humans have not even comprehended how complex God’s world is. We still make theories, and predictions, and we are often wrong. Many aspects of this world we still can’t quite understand the complexities:

  • Weather – we are close to being able to predict the weather for a day or two in advance, but even then not always with 100% accuracy, longer term rain forecasts predictions often change and are often different to what we expect. Climate change is exceedingly complex as scientists consider different systems that feed into their climate change models, but often these models are simplistic compared to the complexities of how climate changes over time.
  • Diseases and sicknesses – We are getting close to understanding how some sicknesses affect our bodies, but we have not been able to prevent people dying from diseases and sicknesses, and we still see pandemics happening around our world.
  • Cancer – We can sometimes remove cancer, but still have not cured all forms of cancer.

God’s word is exceedingly complex, and continues to amaze and surprise us by its complexity. The creator understands the world better than anyone else. So thank God, that he created the world by his wisdom.

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