Laser tag H07 – Sound

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Before the gun is finally screwed together, it’s a good idea to ensure the sound system is working. The sound module can be tested before any programming is done on the nodeMCU controller.

JQ6500 Chip

I have decided to use the JQ6500 chip. It is easy to use, low cost, will run the speaker at a good sound level, and will hold the necessary mp3 files. There are many versions around on Ebay and Ali Express.

A very good reference for the JQ6500 Chip can be found at

There are variations between the quality of sound produced between different JQ6500 chips. This is because some JQ6500 chips will clip the start of the sound files by a few milliseconds. It will often result in the gunshot sound being quieter, but other than that, it is not really something to worry too much about. The pictured chip works well.

Sound Effects

The laser tag guns we create will be compatible with the Miles tag guns that could be purchased on This site is no longer available, but the sound effects can be downloaded here.

The file names line up with the following sounds:

01 – mil shot
02 – empty
03 – clip
04 – mil action
05 – near miss

06 – damage
07 – dead
08 – power up
09 – beep
10 – buzz

11 – add health
12 – add ammo
13 – add shild
14 – game over
15 – explosion

16 – shield hit
17 – flag
18 – flag score
19 – clone ok
20 – sensor fail

21 – sci shot
22 – sci action
23 – score ok
24 – repair
25 – silenced

26 – disarm
27 – low batt
28 – zombie1
29 – zombie2
30 – stunned

Music Update Tool

The MP3 files need to be uploaded onto the JQ6500 chip. You will use a program called “Music Update Tool”. When you first connect the JQ6500 chip to your computer it will normally open up a drive just like plugging in a USB drive on your computer. Depending on your JQ6500 chip, that drive may be unformatted or contain the upload program.

The first time you run through this process, it might feel like it won’t work. And often the software will be in another language. If your software is in another language, look at the screenshots below to see the translation.

There are different versions of the software. v1.0 may not work on all JQ6500 chips. Some JQ6500 devices will have the software embedded, while others will need an additional download. You can download an English version of the software at or You may need to try a few different versions of the software until you find one that works.


  1. Connect a USB cable to your computer.
  2. Run the software (either from a download or from the JQ6500 chip if it has it included)
  3. Select the files. Make sure the files are listed in the File Name box in the correct order. The example below is demonstrating how sometimes the files get out of order.
Music Update Tool
Make sure the file order is correct in the File Name section

Testing the sound

Once you have your speaker connected to your JQ6500 chip, you will be able to test the sound by earthing the pins K1, K2, K3, K4, or K5. This will manually play different sound effects according to the pins you earth. To earth the pins connect a wire from the -ve terminal to K1, K2, K3, K4, or K5. Each of those pins should give a different sound.

K1 = shot, K2 = empty, K3 = clip, K4 = mil action (reload), K5 = near miss

Earth pins K1, K2, K3, K4, or K5 to test if the sound system is working.

Christian Content – The sound of the last battle

1 Blow the horn in Zion; sound the alarm on My holy mountain! Let all the residents of the land tremble, for the Day of the Lord is coming; in fact, it is near— 2 a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and dense overcast, like the dawn spreading over the mountains; a great and strong people appears, such as never existed in ages past and never will again in all the generations to come. 3 A fire destroys in front of them, and behind them a flame devours. The land in front of them is like the Garden of Eden, but behind them, it is like a desert wasteland; there is no escape from them. 4 Their appearance is like that of horses, and they gallop like war horses. 5 They bound on the tops of the mountains. Their sound is like the sound of chariots, like the sound of fiery flames consuming stubble, like a mighty army deployed for war. 6 Nations writhe in horror before them; all faces turn pale. 7 They attack as warriors attack; they scale walls as men of war do. Each goes on his own path, and they do not change their course. 8 They do not push each other; each man proceeds on his own path. They dodge the arrows, never stopping. 9 They storm the city; they run on the wall; they climb into the houses; they enter through the windows like thieves. 10 The earth quakes before them; the sky shakes. The sun and moon grow dark, and the stars cease their shining. 11 The Lord raises His voice in the presence of His army. His camp is very large; Those who carry out His command are powerful. Indeed, the Day of the Lord is terrible and dreadful — who can endure it? 12 Even now— this is the Lord’s declaration— turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting, weeping, and mourning.

Joel 2:1–12 (HCSB)

It is quite exciting bringing the sound module to life, hearing the sounds like “Ready to engage”, the gun shots, and to reload sound being activated. It makes you feel like you are in battle.

It is nice to be able to pretend we are in a battle, fighting it out, after all, no one gets hurt. It may seem strange that we find simulating battles fun. But many children start simulating battles from an early age, picking up sticks and pretending they are swords or perhaps turning sticks into a gun, and pine cones into grenades.

Many people like to stay in this fantasy world right throughout their life. And after all, there is nothing wrong with a little fun now and then. But at some point, everyone is going to discover the reality of our world.

The Bible teaches that one day there will be a real battle, the final battle. It is often referred to “The day of the Lord”, and it will come with devastating sound. This will not be a simulation like laser tag, this will be deadly real.

Who can endure this battle – the answer is nobody. God’s army will absolutely annihilate the enemy. If you are not on God’s side, the solution is in verse 12. Right now, we can turn to God with all our heart and change sides before it is too late.

We often feel like God being a loving God wouldn’t punish or destroy anyone. But that all depends on what side you are on. God has called us onto his side, he has sent Jesus to redeem you from the enemy. He has done everything for you to change sides, and has shown a great deal of love towards you, you only need to come to him in repentance. If you don’t change to his side, and you reject his love, you still remain his enemy, and can expect a battle you are not going to win.

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