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Laser Tag S01 – OTA

Uploading NodeMCU programs using the Arduino IDE and update the software of your laser tag gun Over The Air (OTA)

Laser Tag S02 – LED Light Strip

Coding the LED strip

Laser Tag S03 – Web interface

30-60 minutes This tutorial builds upon the previous one. In this tutorial, we will develop a web interface for our Laser tag gun. Through the web interface, we will be able to modify the player name and team name. I debated when to implement this functionality into the gun, and ultimately decided that it is…
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Laser Tag S04 – Variables and Miles Tag 2 Protocol

Time 30 Every laser tag system operates in slightly different ways, depending on the priorities of the designer. When creating our laser tag guns, we have the option to either start from scratch in terms of game specifications or choose to make our guns compatible with another system. In this case, I have decided to…
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Laser Tag S05 – File System & MilesTagClone

Time 30 Make a copy of the code from the last tutorial and save it as “NodeMCU_LaserTag_S05”. During a laser tag game, it is important for laser tag guns to have unique player IDs and be assigned to teams. If everyone had the same player name or team ID, it would be very difficult to…
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Laser tag S06 – Display and Game Timer

Time: 30 minutes In this section, we will aim to get the display working. The display will eventually be used to show the IP address for the device, the player name, give stats on health, ammo, clips, game time and display who shot you and how much damage they did. In this tutorial, we will…
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Laser Tag S07 – Sounds

Duration 40 mins In the hardware tutorial “Laser Tag H07” you would have added sounds to the JQ6500 chip. In this tutorial, you will learn how to program the sounds into your gun. In the next tutorial, we will be adding the shoot button and adding lights and sounds to that. You may find that…
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Laser tag S08 – Programming Buttons

This tutorial will go for about 1hr. This section will help you to understand how buttons work. We will be starting with a simple button that creates a shot, then we will aim to add in different fire modes such as automatic, burst and semi-auto. In this tutorial, we will: During the game the team…
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Laser Tag S09 – IR

This tutorial will go for about 1 hr. In this tutorial, we will: IR Protocol Milestag guns use the Sony infrared protocol with the only exception: The Sony signal usually repeats itself a minimum of 3 times, while the Milestag shot signal is only sent once per shot. This will be important to remember, as…
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