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Laser Tag H00 – Start Here

Video introduction

Laser Tag H01 – Shopping list

Shopping list and suppliers to get parts necessary for laser tag guns.

Battery System

Laser tag H02 – Battery System

The circuit and component list for the battery system.

Laser Tag H03 – Installing Battery System

Installation of a rechargeable battery system

Laser Tag H04 – Main Circuit

Main circuit diagram and part list

Laser Tag H05 – Adding components to Gun

Installation of the reload button, infrared sensor, infrared transmitter, display and LED strip

Laser Tag H06 – Wiring up components

Wiring up the internal components and the controller.

Laser tag H07 – Sound

Before the gun is finally screwed together, it’s a good idea to ensure the sound system is working. The sound module can be tested before any programming is done on the nodeMCU controller. JQ6500 Chip I have decided to use the JQ6500 chip. It is easy to use, low cost, will run the speaker at…
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Laser Tag S01 – OTA

Uploading NodeMCU programs using the Arduino IDE and update the software of your laser tag gun Over The Air (OTA)

Laser Tag S02 – LED Light Strip

Coding the LED strip